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The Little Black Fish Samed Behrengi Aslı Perker

The Little Black Fish Samed Behrengi Aslı Perker

10,00 TL   5,56 TL (KDV Dahil)




A curious little black fish wants to discover the world. Against all the opposition from her kind, she sets off to
see it. “The World?!” they ask her, “The world is here, where we live.” But that doesn’t stop her; she is sure
there’s more to life.
She meets all different members of the river, of the sea; the good ones, and the bad ones, and she goes on.
Many dangers await her, but the little black fish has the courage to fight them.
And does she!
She survives a frog, a crab, a pelican... And maybe a heron.
Whatever has happened to her in the end, she’s always been an inspiration for other fish and for many people
who has heard her story.

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