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The Coffee Book
The Coffee Book

The Coffee Book

Barista Tips * Recipes * Beans From Around The World

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Yayın Tarihi:Haziran 2021
Ebat:20 × 24 cm

The Coffee Book - Kitap Açıklaması

Go on a journey from bean to brew and explore the history of coffee, its production and how to become an expert barista at home.

Are you a coffee lover who wants to learn how to extract the perfect brew? This coffee guide is a must-have for anyone looking for information and inspiration to experiment with different beans, methods, and flavours.

Inside this essential go-to guide to all things coffee, you'll discover:

- The essential coffee brewing methods and equipment to help you extract and brew all kinds of coffee with confidence
- Explore the origins of coffee from how cherries are grown, the process of coffee harvesting, and processing into the coffee beans you know and love
- A region-by-region tour of leading coffee-producing countries highlights local processing techniques and different coffee flavour profiles
- Visual step-by-step techniques show you how to roast the beans, prepare an espresso shot, steam milk, and make delicious coffees, just like a barista!
- Over 70 recipes to suit every taste from warming winter brews to refreshing iced coffees blends for a hot summer day - including dairy-free alternatives to milk too!

Improve your appreciation and knowledge of one of the world's favourite pastimes - drinking coffee! Discover the incredible variety of coffee beans grown around the world with profiles from over 40 countries from far-flung places like Vietnam and Bolivia. Readers can delve into coffee tasting and use a tasters wheel to understand the nuances in flavour from bean to bean and understand which notes complement one another.

A great gift to the coffee lovers in your life, they'll be able to delve into the preparation of coffee, from roasting, grinding to brewing. Easy step-by-step instructions will show you the common brewing equipment used to make different coffees. Using the techniques that you have learned, explore the recipe section and master the classics, such as the Americano, Flat White and Macchiato, to more unusual choices, like Caffe de Olla and Ice Maple Latte.

Brew coffee at home like a pro and start your day right with The Coffee Book.

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The Coffee Book

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